About Kerry’s LCDC/ Kerry’s Local Action Group

Kerry Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)
The Local Government Act 2014 provides that each Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) will be established as a committee of the Local Authority. The Kerry LCDC was established in July 2014. The 19 member LCDC comprises of representatives who are members of the Local Authority, other state agencies, community and voluntary sector and social partners. The balance of representation between the sectors is intended to be balanced in favour of the non-statutory sector (private sector).
Kerry LCDC Membership Details (Feb 2019)
Kerry Local Action Group (LAG)
Kerry LCDC was selected as the Local Action Group (LAG) for the County of Kerry with one additional member to ensure all three implementing partners are represented. The LAG is the approval body for the LEADER programme investing €10.2 million in Kerry between 2014-2020.
Section 128B of the Local Government Act 2014 sets out the functions of LCDCs, where there are key provisions in the Act which strengthen the ability of the LCDCs to deliver the actions of the Local Economic and Community Plans.
In accordance with Section 128A of the Local Government Act 2001, as inserted by the Local Government Reform Act 2017, the Chief Executive of Kerry County Council has designated a person to act as ‘Chief Officer’ of the LCDC; Ms Niamh O’Sullivan. It is the Chief Officer’s role to support and assist the LCDC in the exercise of its functions. Meeting support is provided to the Kerry LCDC and the LAG by the Community Department in Kerry County Council.
Kerry LAG Membership Details (Feb 2019)
LEADER 2014-2020
Implementation of LEADER Local Development Strategy (Rural Development Programming period 2014-2020)
Decisions on LEADER funding are made at a local level by the Local Action Group through the framework of the Local Development Strategy. The LEADER programme for 2014-2020 has identified a number of strategic priorities for EU rural development.  Specifically,
LEADER has three RDP themes and nine sub-themes as follows:

Theme 1> Theme 2 Theme 3
Economic Development, Enterprise Development
and Job Creation
Social Inclusion Rural Environment
● Rural Tourism
● Enterprise Development
● Rural Towns
● Broadband
● Basic Services targeted at hard to reach communities
● Rural Youth
● Protection and sustainable use of water resources
● Local Biodiversity
● Renewable energy

For the purposes of LEADER, the Local Action Group (LAG) has a contract in place with the Department of Community and Rural Development.

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