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Capital Assistance Scheme – Call for Proposals 2017
At the request of the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government a Call for Proposals from Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs) is being sought for capital funding for the delivery through either the construction or acquisition of housing accommodation to cater for the priority groups under the Capital Assistance Scheme (CAS) such as homeless persons (including “care leavers” exiting State care on reaching the age of 18), elderly and people with a disability with a particular emphasis, but not exclusively, on moving people with a disability from a congregated setting into community based living.
Kerry County Council requests submissions as follows:
· New CAS construction and acquisitions proposals specifically for the provision of accommodation to meet the needs of all the target groups under CAS.
All AHBs will need to adhere to the attached Circular Housing 30/2017 Capital Assistance Scheme – Call for Proposals 2017 which outlines details of scheme (and relevant circulars) including:
1. Acquisition of units
2. Construction of new units
3. Criteria to be used by LAs in assessing proposals
4. Rents
5. Compliance with Voluntary Regulatory Code
6. Ethical Framework and Disclosure of Interest
Proposals will be accepted on a “rolling basis” and should be submitted to Brigid O’Riordan, Administrative Officer, Asset Management Section, Housing Department, County Buildings, Tralee, Co. Kerry.
The Circular and CAS Forms are available in the links below or by emailing

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