Local authority tenants currently pay rent based on a Differential Rents Scheme.
• This means that rent payable is calculated as a proportion of the assessable income of the principle earner, together with a contribution from any subsidiary earners in the household.
• The making of a rent scheme is currently an executive function.
• Since 1986 housing authorities have been responsible for adopting their own rent scheme therefore rents vary from authority to authority.
Local Authority rents have a number of guiding principles.
• Be based on the principle of differential rents and a household’s ability to pay
• Establish national parameters in which housing authorities must work within.
• Require that the making of the rents scheme is a reserved function
• Provide for a minimum base rent to be charged based on household composition, with an additional amount to be charged, where net household income exceeds a certain threshold.
• Have a national standard list of all assessable income (reckonable income) and non-assessable income (income disregards) for rent calculation purposes. See Guidance Note: Listing of Reckonable Household Income and Income Disregards.
• Facilitate direct deduction at source from social welfare payments
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